Big Bang- Life Underwater

Life, Underwater- Master Post

Title: Life, Underwater
Author: wastetheyears
Artist: dollarformyname
Genre: RPS AU / Drama
Pairing: J2 (Jensen/Jared), minor Jensen/Mark Sheppard (one-sided)
Rating: Adult
Warnings: Character death (temporary), swearing, explicit grief, human labor trafficking, some mention of sexual trafficking (though not in practice).
Word Count: 28,683
Summary: AU. Despite the demands of swimming for their university, Jensen and Jared have a solid relationship build on half a lifetime of friendship. The last thing either of them expected was to have their perfect life together cut short by a tragic accident, leaving Jensen dead and Jared drowning in grief. In the midst of his despair, however, Jared soon realizes that everything is not as it seems. Another shocking revelation leaves Jared speechless and grasping to salvage the life he thought had become forever out of reach.

Dean, Sam

PDF File for Something of Forever

Just a quick note that I have created a PDF file for my 2010 Big Bang "Something of Forever." I have been reading a lot on my Nook Color lately, and I personally love having stories in that format, so I went ahead and made one for my own fic. It isn't anything fancy, but it does the trick.

"Something of Forever" PDF File on MediaFire, also linked on the Master Post.

Thanks guys!