June 18th, 2010

Big Bang- Something of Forever

Something of Forever- Masterpost

Title: Something of Forever
Art: lunanium 
Genre: RPS AU
Rating: Adult
Pairing: J2 (Jensen/Jared), Jensen/Chris (mostly implied)
Warnings: Minor character death, trauma, swearing
Word Count: ~ 24,645
Summary: AU. Fresh out of high school, Jensen and Jared have the world at their fingertips. Young and in love, they look ahead to college with a love so strong it's etched into their skin. Soon, however, their world is turned upside down with an accident that leaves Jared in a deep coma and Jensen forced to move on without him. Months later the impossible happens, and Jensen is left to choose between the life he has built for himself and the life he had.

Prologue || Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three || Chapter Four
The Beautiful Art
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Author's Notes

A/N- Working on coding and author's notes still. Some things, like italics, were lost in translation. The links and story should be good to go, though.